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« We are a small family, who believe that dream come true, and with the right guidenesswe can make them come true… and more… we do small groups, quality is important to us & not quantity ! We believe that WATER is a great element that makes us all equall no matter colore, sex or race » Nathalie, Tal and Eyal.

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We LOVE what we DO & We DO what we LOVE !!!

Below, we introduce the surfing club « Sea Compass » and his familly in English!

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« Hey Nathalie, Tal and Eyal, you are the owner of Sea Compass, the best family surfing club in the world, so we need more information to travel with you! » Tips&Voyages


  • Where do you live ? « We live in the city of Caesarea, on the west coast of Israel along the Med »
  • Why do you choose to work and travel together ? « We have sarted by owning our own sail boat which was our buissnes, we enjoy each other’s company, we have learned to work together as a team. Our job which turned to become our way of life has taken us over seas to deferent countries. »
  • Why the words « travel, discover » are so important for you ? « We love to meet new people, other cultures,coming from a small country we are entriged by knowing more, we are curious people want to know more of who lives out there on the same planet as’s a part of our carecter, it’s who we are. »
  • When did you begin to travel ? « We have started to work/sail/travel in 2009 about 7 years.
  • How many countries did you visit ? what countries ? How long in each country ? « 34 countries. »
    Nathalie: Argentina, Chile, Tierra del Fuego, Bulivia & Peru = 7 months Travel
    Nathalie & Tal : France & Malta 5years = Lived
    Nathalie, Eyal & Tal : France = Many times/Family visit, Germany/Ski=5 visits of 2 weeks. Greece, Turkyie, Eygept/Sailing many times
    Nathalie & Eyal : Portugal=2 weeks each/ Surfing
    Eyal & Tal : Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Turkyie, Italy, Sicley, Swiss, Sweeden, Belgium Spain, France, Portugal, Denmark, England, French Antilles : Guadeloupe, Marie Gallante, Les Saints, St Martin, Belize, Mexico, USA, Philipins, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka = worked & traveled – some onths some weeks. Belize=8months / Guadeloupe=10months Israel/Jordan/Eygept=2years Greece=1year


  • What are your 3 favorites countries?
    Tal= Belize, Greece, Israel /  Nat=Portugal, Argentina, USA  /  Eyal=Belize, Greece,Thailand
  • What are your hobbies?
    Diving, Trekking, Surfing, Rock climbing, Yoga, Swimming, Sailing, Eating, Traveling, Reading, Chilling 🙂
  • Which jobs did you excerce?
    Tal=First Mate/Crew/Hostess/Marine cook/Sailing Instructor
    Eyal=Skipper/Diving & Sailing Instructor/Marine Engineer
  • How many languages mastered ? which languages ?
    Tal= Hebrew, English, French & a bit of Greek
    Nat=Hebrew, English, French, Spanish a bit of Portuges
    Eyal=Hebrew, English a bit of French.
  • What are your specificities ? (dive master, lifeguard, boat driver, surfer, …..…..) ?
    Tal= Sailing, Swimming & Surfset Instructor, Skipper, Marine cook, Open Water Diver
    Nat=Skipper,Sailing, Swimming & Surfset Instructor, Open water Diver, Student 3ed year PE teacher
    Eyal=Skipper, Sailing & Diving Instructor, LifeGuard, Surfing Instructor & Tour Guide.
  • When did you begin to learn surf ? What is your level ?
    Tal=Last Year – Beginner
    Nat=Many Years ago – Advanced
    Eyal= Advanced
  • 1.In the life, what is the most important for you ? 2.Quel est votre slogan pour avancer dans la vie ? 3.What motivates you to achieve your dream ?
    Tal=1.Family 2.Do what you love-Love what you do/ Dreams come true 3. My husband & Daughter
    Nat= 1.Family & Waves 2.Courage is just the thing you’r afraid off – « Nick Hail » 3. My Parents
    Eyal=1.Family, Friends & Country 2. A wave that passes never comes back/ anything is possible 3. My wife & Daughter

The Surfing Club SEA COMPASS


  • Explain what is Sea Compass? « A Family Surf & Swim Club! »
  • Why the name « Sea Compass? « We choose the name because, Like the Sea compass shows always you true North and other directions, so do we in the Club, we help people choose thier true north in any direction they choose – Surfing, Swimming, Traveling Fitness and so.
  • For you, Sea Compas is a family, no ? Yes Why is it important for you ?Like Family, we help each other, we encourage, teach, help, care, pay attention to the small details, keep each other happy, small groups, direct attention to sucsses & most of all – Dont worry – Be Happy
  • Who are the owners ? Eyal Tal and Nat ? YES
  • What are the activities of Sea Compass ? Pls our website!surfing/wdxsm
  • You will propose to do surfing in Peniche and Sri Lanka, and more?
    « Yes – Peniche will be mainly for Beginners and Sri Lanka « Talalla Retreat will be for both Beginners & Advanced, we would like to look for other Surfing spots like Panama, Costa Rica, Biarritz, Maldives, maybe even Phillipins ? And Cesaria ? The Club is based in Caesarea and those who are from Israel will be able to continue practice here, keep thier surf board in our Club, Lokkers, hot shower, changing rooms – maybe summer camps for kidds too, and our forigne members will be able to join us to other surfing spots as mentions above. What is your program (surfing lesson, visit, … ? Surfing courses to Beginners, one on one personal program, swimming courses, Surf set programs. »
  • You propose surf lesson to beginners, middle level and high level, no ? Yes
  • And what is the prestation ? What is the price? « Prices varies according to program »
  • Why we need to choose Sea Compass, more than an other compagny ?
    « We are a small family, who believe that dream come true, and with the right guidenesswe can make them come true… and more… we do small groups, quality is important to us & not quantity ! We believe that WATER is a great element that makes us all equall no matter colore, sex or race »

We LOVE what we DO & We DO what we LOVE !!!

I hope this helps to answer your questions… If you need more info I will be happy to give more.
Ask Sea Compass here below on the part « ajouter un commentaire » in french, english or spanish and more!

Grosse Biz & Merci … Eyal Nat & Tal


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